Why You May Need Crown Lengthening

Jan 25, 2022 | Crown Lengthening Surgery

Even though the phrase ‘crown lengthening’ is not familiar to a lot of people, it is a dental procedure that can benefit your smile cosmetically and functionally.

Crown lengthening is a type of dental surgery that’s done to eliminate a “gummy smile”. A gummy smile means you have a lot of excess gum tissue, and when you grin, it makes your individual teeth look small. The main purpose of crown lengthening is to reduce the amount of gum tissue that’s visible which makes your smile appear larger and fuller.

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Types of Crown Lengthening

Before you receive any type of dental treatment, you’ll need to book an initial consultation with your dentist. They will perform a private examination of your teeth and gums and take x-rays to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for crown lengthening. If necessary, they may refer you to a periodontist near you for a second opinion. A periodontist is a dental professional who specializes in gum care.

If you are given a green light, there are three routes you can explore to alter your smile, and they are noted below:

  1. A gingivectomy – This involves taking away extra gum tissue; a traditional scalpel or dental laser is used to do so. You’ll be provided with local anesthesia, so you remain comfortable.
  2. Apically repositioned flap surgery – This rather fancy term refers to a process where a small cut is made in your gums to make a flap. Your dentist lifts this, removes the gum tissue from underneath, then puts the flap back in place with stitches. A key point is that the flap is put back closer to the root of your mouth, elongating the appearance of your teeth.
  3. Surgical extrusion – Compared to the other procedures, surgical extrusion means complete repositioning a tooth. After it’s in a new position, it will need to be anchored in place. Stitches or a device that uses your neighboring teeth to stabilize them are two options to do this.

For more information about crown lengthening surgery near you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a dental professional. They will address any queries or concerns you have and be there to walk alongside you through your appointment.

Why Crown Lengthening May Be For You

Overall, there are three primary reasons why you may want to consider receiving crown lengthening: tooth restoration, to enhance the physical appearance of your smile (which is where the “gummy smile” comes in), or because you have a tooth that’s damaged near your gum line.

Regarding tooth restoration, this typically becomes necessary when a patient is dealing with advanced gum disease, infection, or oral trauma. If you sustain damage to your teeth and it breaks underneath your gums, you might need to receive crown lengthening prior to further restorative treatment.

Thirdly, in some cases, elongating your tooth is needed so that a dental prosthetic, usually a dental crown, which is a customized cap, can be installed over your tooth. A crown helps protect and strengthen a tooth that’s been harmed.

The Recovery Process

Because crown lengthening is a surgical process, you’ll need to give yourself ample time to rest and recover. After a few days, you’ll be able to get back to your daily routine. For the first day following your treatment, stay away from hot food and stick with soft ones. This helps your gums heal properly. Be very gentle when brushing your teeth.

It may take a few more months for your mouth to completely heal so you don’t experience any sensitivity when eating, drinking, or brushing.

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