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A periodontist can help improve the look of your smile with cosmetic periodontal surgery tailored to enhance the appearance of your gums. Standard procedures we perform here in the Okanagan include crown lengthening, gum grafting, connective tissue grafting, and ridge augmentation.

You don’t need to have periodontal disease to have a periodontal surgical procedure. In many cases, patients choose cosmetic procedures when they are concerned about the appearance of their teeth and gums.

Why Choose Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery?

There are several reasons why you might choose cosmetic periodontal surgery at Okanagan Periodontics. Not everyone has confidence in their natural smile. An uneven or receding gum line can feel unattractive. Depressions along the gums following teeth extractions can look and feel funny. We want you to stop hiding your mouth and feel great about flashing your smile in any setting. You don’t need a referral to visit our periodontal clinic in Kelowna. Simply call our office to set up a consultation to discuss your teeth and gum concerns.

Types of Periodontal Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic Crown (Tooth) Lengthening

Do you have a gummy smile or feel that your teeth appear short? This is likely due to your gums riding high on your teeth, covering more of the tooth than usual. Cosmetic crown lengthening is a gum contouring procedure that reshapes your gum line to reveal more of your tooth structure and minimize the height of your gums. Crown lengthening can also correct an uneven gum line on one or more teeth.

Cosmetic Ridge Augmentation

When a tooth is removed, the gum where the tooth used to sit can begin to form a depression over time. This sunken area of the gum can be difficult to keep clean, especially under a dental device such as a dental bridge. Cosmetic ridge augmentation builds up the soft tissue in the depressed area of the gums.

Connective Tissue Grafting

Your gums (gingiva) perform many essential roles in your mouth. The gums hold your teeth in position, connect your teeth to your jawbone, and protect your teeth roots from exposure and damage. Gum recession is natural with age to some extent, but if your gums recede far enough to expose the base of your teeth or even your roots, you’ll be at risk for tooth loss, root disease, and other dental problems. Connective tissue grafting, also known as gum grafting, uses soft tissue from another source to repair the receding gum line.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Your smile is such an integral part of how you present yourself to the world, and we want to help your genuine smile shine through. Cosmetic periodontal surgeries are low-risk procedures completed in our clinic by Dr. Steven Faigan and supported by the Okanagan Periodontics team. Dr. Faigan has practiced periodontics in Kelowna since 1995, creating many beautiful smiles for Okanagan residents of all ages over the years.

Once you’ve healed from cosmetic periodontal surgery, you can enjoy feeling great about how your teeth and gums look. You’ll find yourself smiling proudly wherever you go without hesitation.

The Risks Associated With Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

There are minimal risks associated with cosmetic periodontal surgery. Local anesthesia is used in most of our procedures to ensure you are comfortable and pain-free throughout the surgery. The amount of numbing you’ll require will depend on the extent of the surgery being performed. We will discuss an overview of the procedure with you during the consultation and advise you of any pre-surgery and post-surgery care you will need so you can plan ahead.

After periodontal surgery, you will likely feel a bit of tenderness in your gums and possible heightened sensitivity in your teeth. These symptoms will fade away as your gums heal. For quick and successful healing, we will provide you with detailed guidelines for recovery. We also recommend paying extra attention to your oral hygiene during the healing process to prevent any risk of infection following the procedure.

Book Your Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery at Okanagan Periodontics

Are your gums preventing you from loving your smile? A cosmetic periodontal procedure may be the key to getting that beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming about. Talk to your dentist about the possibilities of periodontics or book an appointment directly with our office—no referrals needed! Let’s talk about your smile concerns today.


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