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The ultimate goal with periodontal care is to save existing teeth and/or replace missing teeth. There is time nevertheless when teeth are now not realistic and they have to be removed. Removing (removing) teeth is often obligatory when there is agony, infection, bone loss caused by periodontal disease, and/or to facilitate restorative treatment.

The socket is the bone that holds the tooth prepared. It is usually damaged by disease or infection, which can cause jaw disfigurement after the tooth, is extracted. These jaw disfigurements frequently cause problems for restoring the tooth whether your treatment plan calls for an implant, bridge, denture, or gamine reshaping. Socket preservation is the periodontal procedure used to stop and fix these jaw abnormalities so you can go ahead with the treatment you want.

extracted tooth
bone graft socket preservation

Socket Preservation Treatment Near You

There are a few different strategies used for socket preservation. Dr. Steven Faigan typically takes away the tooth and socket and any associated deformity. This area is then stuffed with bone or bone substitute, it is frequently covered by a bio-compatible obstacle, and treated with tissue-stimulating proteins that encourage your body to mend and regenerate the lost bone and tissue.

The bone is often given three to 4 months to develop before restorative treatment like an implant is finished. In a number of cases, transient solutions are provided for cultured reasons as well as comfort and function. These options will be debated with you before the procedure.


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