Top 10 Benefits of Laser Dentistry in 2021

Apr 26, 2021 | Patient Education

While laser dentistry has been used for over a decade, some patients are still nervous about the use of lasers during dental procedures. At Okanagan Periodontics, we provide laser-assisted surgery in Kelowna to enhance patient experience during and after their dental procedure. Read more to learn about the top 10 ways that laser dentistry can benefit you.

How Do Dental Lasers Work?

Dental lasers are handheld devices that concentrate light enough to cut through infected or decayed soft tissues, allowing our dentist to increase patient comfort and protect surrounding healthy tissues.

Why We Choose Laser Dentistry

Lasers can easily remove damaged tissues with minimal consequences to the neighboring tissues. They provide a number of benefits such as:

#1 Enhanced Comfort

During restorative dental treatment, dental anesthetics are commonly used to ensure that the patient feels comfortable. However, while numbing is available, unpleasant feelings of pressure can still be felt, increasing patient anxiety and discomfort.

The use of laser dentistry eliminates any sensations of pressure created with traditional means of dental restoration.

#2 Reduced Bleeding

Many patients who get deep cleanings at the dentist notice that they have some bleeding after completing treatment. While bleeding is common after extensive gum procedures, dental lasers work to seal tissue in the treatment area as the procedure is being performed, greatly reducing the chances of sensitivity and bleeding post-treatment.

#3 Decreased Need for Stitches

For similar reasons as to why there is less bleeding associated with laser dentistry, there is less need for sutures. Sutures can be painful and irritating and being able to avoid the need for them is a big benefit of laser dentistry.

#4 Lower Chance of Infection

When your periodontist in Kelowna chooses to use a laser for your treatment, the risk of bacterial infection is significantly lowered. This is because the light from the laser is so focused that it generates heat that sterilizes the treatment site.

#5 Less Damage to Surrounding Tissues

When you choose to get laser-assisted surgery near you, you can expect to feel less pain than with other treatment options. This is because, with laser dentistry, there is significantly less contact with tissues surrounding the treatment area and, therefore, much less damage to those tissues.

#6 Less Swelling

If you are worried about swelling, speak to your periodontist near you about laser dentistry. With the use of lasers, swelling is minimal, and many times patients don’t experience any pain or swelling at all.

#7 Safe for Patients with Orthodontic Devices

Some patients with orthodontic devices can face obstacles when it comes to finding a dental treatment that will work with their device. Laser treatments can be provided while a patient has these devices in place.

#8 Comfortable for Patients with Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is very common, and some patients experience it so severely that they struggle to brush and floss their teeth. Laser dentistry is minimally invasive and tends to be a great option for those with sensitive teeth.

#9 No Numbing Needed

Because laser dental treatments create little to no discomfort or pain, patients won’t have to worry about getting large needles inserted into their gums to numb the treatment area.

#10 Quicker Recovery Times

The use of a laser helps shorten healing time and makes for an easier recovery process for patients.

If you are interested in laser dentistry, please contact Okanagan Perio to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced periodontists near you. We are happy to address any of your questions or concerns about the process.


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